* Cathy Stewart plays Ginette
* Hasna Cosi plays the second model
* Monique Carrčre as Monica Wolf (or Wold), plays Helena
* Morgane plays a model
* Cyril Val plays Pierre the artist
* Dominique Aveline plays the painter
* Richard Lemieuvre, as Richard Allan, plays George

Scene 01. Monique Carrere, Cyril Val
Scene 02. Monique Carrere, Cathy Stewart [intercut w. Sc.03]
Scene 03. Morgane, Cyril Val
Scene 04. Monique Carrere, Morgane, Cyril Val
Scene 05. Barbara Moose, Guy Bonnafoux [intercut w. Sc.06]
Scene 06. Monique Carrere, Morgane
Scene 07. Barbara Moose, Monique Carrere, Morgane
Scene 08. Marie-Claude Moreau, Nadine Roussial
Scene 09. Hasna Cosi [anal], Cyril Val [intercut w. Sc.10]
Scene 10. Cathy Stewart, Dominique Aveline
Scene 11. Mika Barthel, Piotr Stanislas [intercut w. Sc.12-14]
Scene 12. Laura Clair, Guy Berardant
Scene 13. brun [creampie], Patrick Pontello [same room as Sc.14]
Scene 14. Nadine Roussial, Cyril Val
Scene 15. Marie-Claude Moreau, Sandrine Pernell, Piotr Stanislas
Scene 16. Elisabeth Bure, Cyril Val
Scene 17. Elodie Delage, Dominique St-Clair
Scene 18. Marie-Claude Moreau, Cyril Val

Scenes 01-04,09,10 are probably from Les Minettes brűlantes
Scenes 15-18 are from Jeux de corps

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